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Clifford Gelbard


Clifford Gelbard is President and one of the founders of Intracoastal Abstract Co., Inc. with more than 40 years’ experience in the Title Industry.  He has expertise in Commercial and Residential transactions which has earned Intracoastal a professional reputation as one of the leading Title Insurance Agencies providing superior services to its clients nationwide.

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David Gelbard Esq.

Vice President and Counsel

David Gelbard, Esq. is Executive Vice President and one of the founders of Intracoastal Abstract Co., Inc.  He is an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of New York.  He is a 40-year veteran in the Title Industry.  He serves as in-house legal advisor and oversees the title operations on all residential and commercial transactions.

Phone: X162

Mardi R. Merjian, Esq.

Vice President and Senior Underwriting Counsel

Mardi R. Merjian, Esq. is Vice President and Senior Underwriting Counsel for Intracoastal Abstract Co., Inc.  Prior to him joining Intracoastal as lead Counsel in our Commercial Division, Mardi was Counsel in the real estate department at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP.  He was an integral part of their real estate department for over 28 years.  His experience at the firm has him well versed in the purchase and sale of major commercial office buildings, industrial buildings, hotels and all aspects of mortgage financing, construction loans, loan workouts and restructuring, commercial and retail leasing and a specialization in synthetic lease financings.

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Gina Corcoran

Chief Financial Officer

Gina Corcoran is the Chief Financial officer of Intracoastal Abstract Co., Inc. and also serves as its daily operations manager.  She is responsible for managing Intracoastal’s work force, as well as, the daily financial aspects of the corporation including financial planning and recordkeeping.  She is a 35-year veteran in the Title Industry.  She leads the Company in achieving the highest standard of care for all bookkeeping, recording and escrow related services for its clientele and also ensures the Corporation adherence to industry regulations.

Phone: x141

Anita La Placa

Senior Title Officer

Anita LaPlaca is a Senior Title Officer at Intracoastal Abstract Co., Inc.  Anita is a 35-year veteran of the Title Insurance Industry, specializing in reading and clearance.  Anita is committed to customer service and client support.  She is hands-on communicating with all parties to a real estate transaction to ensure a smooth closing.  Anita is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in all aspects of real property law and underwriting guidelines.

Phone: x112

Dawn Morrison

Senior Title Officer

Dawn Morrison is a Senior Title Officer at Intracoastal Abstract Co., Inc.  Dawn is a seasoned reader and clearance officer with over 30 years’ experience in the Title Industry.  With her extensive knowledge of underwriting guidelines and real estate law, Dawn is instrumental in clearing all exceptions to guarantee a clean title to our insured clients.  Her expertise includes all types of residential and commercial transactions, including, but not limited to Foreclosure/REO, Estate Transactions and Leasehold transactions.

Phone: x165

Gina M. Scelta, Esq.

Underwriting Counsel

Gina M. Scelta, Esq. is underwriting counsel for Intracoastal Abstract Co., Inc.  Gina is an attorney admitted in the State of New York with over 25 years’ experience in the real estate industry, including 15 years as a legal counsel in the Title Industry.  She has expertise as counsel for buyers, sellers and lenders in both the residential and commercial market.  Gina utilizes her knowledge and experience to read, clear and successfully close files.  She is well versed in reviewing legal documents and resolving legal issues that may arise in real estate transactions.

Phone: x115

Jason Fugett

Title Underwriter

Jason Fugett is a Title Underwriter for Intracoastal Abstract Co., Inc.  Jason is a very well-established Title Insurance Clearance Officer with over 20 years’ experience in the Title Industry.  Jason previously worked at Land America and First American Title Insurance Company where he gained his vast knowledge as a residential/commercial examiner, reader and clearance officer.  With his specialty in clearance and commitment to customer service, Jason helps ensure that all facets of the Title Process run smoothly and leads to a successful closing.

Phone: x127

Teresa Caccioppoli


After a 30-year career at Intracoastal Abstract Co., Inc., Teresa Caccioppoli now serves as a Title Consultant on all complex commercial and residential transactions.  As a consultant, Terry continues to play a supportive and knowledgeable role as advisor for our clients from the beginning of the application process to the closing.

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